It was interesting to read the comments about Bill Gates’ new site The Gates Notes over the last few days. SEOs were giving it a hard time due to its complete lack of any search engine optimisation. (Maybe we need to coin a new term: ‘search engine de-optimization’ for sites like this)

Aaron Wall first mentioned an offer of help

Aaron Wall offers to help SEO Bill Gates site

…but it was Danny Sullivan who provided the details in his excellent post: Some SEO Advice for Bill Gates.

His post is required reading for anyone still a little unsure what the benefit of SEO is and how they can easily action some simple improvements. He takes us through title tags, meta description, de-duplication, RSS auto-discovery, webmaster tools, consistent URL and link building basics.

Bill was quick to take the advice on board

Bill Gates is going to SEO his site

Let’s see how the site looks in a few days.

UPDATE: As at 27 Jan it looks like Title tag changes are appearing in Bing:

Improved Title tags are showing up in Bing

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