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Are you a Microsoft BizSpark member?Microsoft BizSpark

If so, then you’re probably work feverishly on the next big thing in software! Congratulations.

Soon you’re going to need to get the message out about your new offering.

But how do you get the message out as loudly as possible? A key part of your marketing strategy is going to be via the web. Both in organic search results as well as paid advertising.

We can help. Here’s how…

Why We’re Different

Unlike most SEO and SEM companies, we have a long and successful background in Microsoft technologies and software development. We understand the key areas of the Microsoft market and how best to pitch the Microsoft technology stack to customers.

Instead of having to explain where your product fits into the Microsoft ecosystem (like you would with most SEO companies), with XEN you’ll be dealing with a company that is just as passionate about your product as you are. We love Microsoft technology, and the solutions people build with it.

How We Help

With a full range of SEO services, we help you understand your target market, discover what they are searching for, and then optimise your site to rank well in organic search for those terms. Plus we help to efficiently manage your advertising campaigns on Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing.

Tell Me More

Take a look through our full list of SEO services for more details, and the contact us to talk further.