Bill Gates and SEO

It was interesting to read the comments about Bill Gates’ new site The Gates Notes over the last few days. SEOs were giving it a hard time due to its complete lack of any search engine optimisation. (Maybe we need to coin a new term: ‘search engine de-optimization’ for sites like this) Aaron Wall first […]


Open Site Explorer

SEOmoz has released a new tool call Open Site Explorer to help you analyse links to your sites. Rand has a full write up on it on the SEOmoz blog. It’s based on their Linkscape data, and similar to Yahoo Site Explorer in many ways (but a lot easier to use). Simply plug in the […]


Microsoft SEO Toolkit

The Microsoft SEO Toolkit is a great tool for checking your site for SEO issues. It’s an add-on for IIS7 and will work on Windows Server 2008 and R2, Windows Vista and Windows 7. I’ve run it on a couple of my sites and the reporting it provides is comprehensive – perhaps even too much […]


Understanding Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is one the most misunderstood and under-appreciated SEO processes. Clients will commonly think they understand what their customers are searching for, only to be shocked when they discover one of the following: Nobody is searching for those terms People who do search for those terms never buy People only search for those terms, […]


Microsoft Ad Intelligence

Microsoft has provided a nice keyword research tool with its Microsoft Ad Intelligence plug-in for Excel (you need Excel 2007). It’s a neat little example of a VSTO Office add-in that is both useful and appropriate. After install (it’s a simple ClickOnce app) a new toolbar will appear in Excel (that’s it over on the […]

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Taking the time to do it right

If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Or so the saying goes. And this is true especially for SEO and SEM efforts. Too often though, SEO is an after thought, or your Google AdWords campaigns get delegated to the junior developer to take care of. Consider you company. How often have you off-loaded proper […]