Microsoft has provided a nice keyword research tool with its Microsoft Ad Intelligence plug-in for Excel (you need Excel 2007).

It’s a neat little example of a VSTO Office add-in that is both useful and appropriate.

After install (it’s a simple ClickOnce app) a new toolbar will appear in Excel (that’s it over on the right in the screen shot below).

You’ll need an AdCenter account set up to use it.

Start with the Keyword Wizard and seed it with a keyword term (I used ‘microsoft dynamics’ in the example below).

Microsoft Ad Intelligence Excel Add-in

I’ve opted to include all the options for Campaign association and keyword term inclusion. (I limited the keyword suggestions to 10 for the sake of brevity in the example). I included monetization as well as search volume details.

As you can see, the returned data (based on Bing search engine usage and adCenter analytics is pretty comprehensive. The searches are based on historical as well as future forecasts. The clicks an impressions are based on adCenter usage.


The benefit of using a tool like this is that it can highlight areas to target.

For example, if you are a Microsoft Dynamics consulting company you may have neglected to include Great Plains related keywords in your advertising and site page titles, but the above will show that they are relevant.

Likewise, it’s useful knowing that people are searching on the full term ‘microsoft dynamics ax 2009’ – by targeting the full version (and not just leaving it at ‘microsoft dynamics ax’) you open yourself to not only more searchers, but also more specific searches – and conversions are more often made on specific terms.

Try It

You can download and try the Add-in from here. They also have a bunch of useful video tutorials.


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