Microsoft Certified Partners and Gold Certified Partners

Microsoft Partner NetworkAre you a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, either as a Microsoft Certified Partner or Gold Certified Partner?

If so, we’re keen to help you improve your search engine rankings.

We work with Microsoft Partners helping them understand the benefits of higher ranking, which search terms they should be targeting, and then how to optimise their sites for those terms.

What Make Us Different?

With a long history of working in the Microsoft space we understand intimately the numerous technologies, tools, offerings and solutions Microsoft Partners work with. And this in turn allows us to understand customer intent. What is it that your customers are actually searching for?

Common Problems

If you’ve worked with a general SEO company in the past, perhaps you’ve run into the problem of consultant ignorance. They don’t understand the technology you use, or the solution you provide. Here’s a few examples:

  • Let’s say you have an offering in the SQL Server space. Your potential customers are searching for a specific SQL Server solution. Perhaps even specific to a particular version of SQL Server. You don’t want to be explaining the different versions of SQL Server to your SEO consultant, or having to inform them that R2 is a completely new version. That’s just frustrating.
  • Maybe you develop Visual Studio add-ins. You need a consultant who understands the relationship between Visual Studio versions and .NET Framework versions.
  • Or perhaps its SharePoint you are working with. You’ve got better things to do than explain the differences between WSS, SharePoint Foundation and MOSS and how this affects your customers.

Instead, you need an SEO company that knows your technology set passionately – one that’s excited about the difference your company can provide to customers.

Engaging an SEO shouldn’t be an exercise in you educating them. Instead you should be learning about how much opportunity awaits you on the web and the strategies you can use to target them.

That’s where we can help. 

How Can We Help?

With the numbers of searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo increasing daily, the future of your company is inevitably tied to your rankings in each of them.

At XEN, we provide a complete range of SEO services to increase your organic rankings, as well as efficiently use the main paid advertising platforms.

Take a look through our full range of services.