Pricing for Services

Introductory Analysis ($3120 + GST)

We provide a comprehensive introductory analysis of your site, including ranking reports, competitive analysis, keyword discovery, AdWords campaign review and site architecture, complete with recommendations and suggested ongoing process.

The Introductory Analysis is self-contained and includes actionable suggestions. There is no obligation to continue working with XEN after the report (although most do).

(Our Introductory Analysis reports are different to those offered by most SEO firms. Typically SEO consultants will offer a *free* introductory report which ends up being little more than: highlighting a few items, making broad brush comparisons to other industry players and then padding the report with generic information and marketing schpiel. By comparison, our reports are filled with specific recommendations and strategic insight, and can be actioned by you or your own staff if desired.)

Ad-hoc Consulting ($195 + GST per hour)

4 hour minimum

For ad-hoc consulting we charge an hourly rate, with a minimum of 4 hours.

We charge for emails, meetings, phone calls, onsite visits and travel time as well as the research and analysis that is conducted.

Monthly Allocated Hours ($150 + GST per hour)

Minimum 20 hours per month

Most clients engage us in an on-going manner, buying 20 hour blocks of consulting each month.

The benefit is you can contact us at any time, change priorities, ask questions, revisit strategies, involve us in discussions with other vendors, request custom training without worrying about having to approve new proposals or revise prior quotes.

The benefit for us is we can schedule in regular work slots, maintain momentum and engage with you deeply.

We prefer to work with fewer clients, but in longer term relationships.

We offer a reduced hourly rate to encourage this.

Training (Variable)

We offer customised training for companies, covering all aspects of SEO and SEM.

When it comes to SEO we encourage the ‘teach a person to fish’ approach, primarily because SEO is an ongoing process and needs to be understood internally in companies. Our training caters to all levels of understanding and is tailored to your needs.

We deliver the training at your site.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Half Day – Introduction to SEO concepts
  • Half Day – Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking
  • Half Day – Google AdWords Strategies
  • Full Day – Advanced SEO Concepts & Recommended Tools

Training is charged at

  • $780 + GST for Half Day course
  • $1200 + GST for Full Day course

There are no ‘real’ limits to the number of attendees, however they work best with smaller groups (eg 2-5 attendees).

Attendees should bring a laptop and have access to their company’s site, as well as Google Analytics account and/or Google AdWords account (as appropriate). The training is best absorbed when working with the company’s own data.

Next Steps

Find out whether we’re a good fit for you. Contact us today, either via email or on the phone (call 0413 489 388) to discuss your needs.


*All prices are in Australian Dollars.