SEM is the process of using paid traffic sources including Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing to drive visitors to your site. Save money by ensuring you have well managed, efficient campaigns.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Using Google AdWords gives you huge advertising exposure to your clients. The best known and most used of the three main Pay-Per-Click platforms, AdWords is also the easiest to lose money on – via inefficient campaigns, un-checked bidding strategies and poor keyword choices.

XEN can audit your existing account, or setup a new account, and streamline your advertising budget for maximum effectiveness.

Ideal for companies wishing to advertising in Australia and Internationally.

Microsoft AdCenter

Microsoft adCenter

Microsoft adCenter is less well known (especially in Australia) but worth investing in for businesses targeting international customers. Your ads will appear on Bing search engine results and Microsoft networked sites.

Due to its smaller reach and lower competition, bidding on adCenter can often be cheaper and more effective than using AdWords – depending on your niche.

Currently adCenter does not display on Australian sites, and is thus recommended for companies targeting US customers.

XEN is a Microsoft adExcellence Accredited member.

Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo is an often overlooked avenue for advertising. Whilst smaller in reach than Google, it offers a mature advertising platform with useful reporting and analytics.

Yahoo is currently used for companies wishing to advertise on Microsoft web properties (eg Bing) in Australia.

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