It’s Competitive Out There

Since ranking in the search engines is by its very nature a highly competitive activity, it’s important that your SEO company isn’t doing work for one of your direct competitors. Make sure you check this with any SEO company you consider engaging. You don’t want to be paying them to do work for you that they also use with your competition. This applies to both general SEO work and SEM campaigns (eg Google AdWords). Imagine bidding on highly competitive keywords and then finding out all the keyword research, analytics analysis and conversion tracking on your site was being used to advantage one of your competitors…

At XEN, it’s the first step of any potential working engagement. After a 5 minute conversation, we’ll quickly identify if working with you poses any potential conflicts of interest. Plus, since SEO is an ongoing process, if you do contract us, even if we’ve completed our engagement with your company, we also decline work with your direct competitors for a minimum of 3 months. We consider this an important part of our service and a key to ensuring you gain maximum value from engaging XEN.

What about the grey areas?

There’s always the possibility of overlap however. If you’ve engaged us to work on improving your rankings for a SharePoint plug-in you’ve developed, this wouldn’t exclude us working for a company who provides SharePoint consulting. In fact it may work to your advantage. Due to our extensive relationships with Microsoft companies around the country, we can often connect companies that stand to mutually benefit.