If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Or so the saying goes.

And this is true especially for SEO and SEM efforts. Too often though, SEO is an after thought, or your Google AdWords campaigns get delegated to the junior developer to take care of. Consider you company. How often have you off-loaded proper Page Title tag construction to a developer, instead of a marketer. Or perhaps it’s worse. You have an automated Title tag generated from the first paragraph of content. It’s a wasted opportunity.

Or consider your AdWords campaigns. Take a look at your campaigns now. Pick and Ad group and check how many different ads you are running (and thus testing with). If it is only one ad then you are making the classic AdWords newbie mistake. Instead you should be testing multiple ads, and always improving the CTR. It’s an ongoing process, and not one you can simply set and forget.

The good news? A huge number of AdWords advertisers are in this newbie category, wasting money daily and making Google one of the most profitable internet companies on the planet. Don’t fall into this trap. Take your AdWords campaigns seriously and get working to turn them into profit generating strategies.