Keyword analysis is one the most misunderstood and under-appreciated SEO processes. Clients will commonly think they understand what their customers are searching for, only to be shocked when they discover one of the following:

  • Nobody is searching for those terms
  • People who do search for those terms never buy
  • People only search for those terms, after having found your site by another keyword term

The first two scenarios are simple enough to understand, it’s the third that is most common. An example might be the company’s brand name, for example ‘ACME SharePoint Services’. Taking a basic look at analytics it at first might appear that people are searching for that term, since you get a number of visits each month on it. And so, you leave it there.

But digging a little deeper you would have discovered that they actually first searched for ‘sharepoint connector for dynamics crm’. Even though your site wasn’t optimised for that term, they found you anyway (down on the 3rd page of Google) because they were looking for that specific term.

Here’s what really happened…

They found your site (even though you’re on the 3rd page, they were pretty keen) and browsed through your offerings. A week later they resumed their research and came back to your site. How? Simple. They remembered your brand name and searched for that. For your brand name you rank well (this is not hard) and so you got another customers.

See the opportunity here? Imagine if you could rank for the initial term ‘sharepoint connector for dynamics crm’ on the first page, instead of the third. That’s the benefit of proper keyword research, coupled with analytics analysis.

Don’t make the mistake of doing first pass keyword analysis and being mis-directed. The opportunity cost is too high.